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Founded in 2011 as a procurement specialist, Central Business School’s first UK CIPS study centre opened in Milton Keynes in September 2011. Quickly building a reputation for providing a friendly, personal service and for developing long term relationships with clients we expanded our services across the South East of England. We’ve since provided CIPS training for a large number of FTSE 100 listed companies, as well as partnering with several of the largest government agencies. Further expansion after 2018 saw us training clients across Europe and India as well delivering the CIPS Level 4 element of the Apprenticeship programme to a large number of clients.

Our essence

We’ve always been very proud of our CIPS results. The 90% plus exam pass rate our clients usually achieve doesn't happen by accident. It takes dedication, experience, and effort. Some of our clients are naturally good at exams, others need more support. Either way, we're here to do whatever it takes to make their experience successful.

10 years on from our beginnings we remain absolutely passionate about the transformative effect studying for CIPS can have for an individual and on the entire workplace. In the decade we’ve been in the learning space we have been consistently rated by CIPS as one of their top performing study centres. And, frankly, we’ve never been more excited about the potential a small, personal and friendly specialist CIPS provider can play in the development of today’s procurement teams.

Our Team

Central Business School is lovingly built and maintained by the fine folks below.


Our Team

Central Business School is lovingly built and maintained by the fine folks below.

Prior to founding Central Business School I had a 25 year career in education, which started when I qualified as a PE teacher and later became a University Education Lecturer, Headteacher and County Education Adviser.

Procurement became a passion when I was a Headteacher. It was a role that made me very aware that schools needed to buy wisely and bargain hard so they could pass on any savings to the kids in their care. I became CIPS qualified and set up procurement consortia with other schools.

As County Education Adviser I had a lead procurement role in a five year school reorganisation project. The project involved closing the first, middle and upper schools across the county and building new primary and secondary ones to replace them. It was a wide ranging project with a huge spend and as part of my role I taught CIPS to buyers from the new schools. I drew on the project to complete a PhD in Supply Chain management.

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